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Our winner has been chosen, follow along with his treatment here!

- Our Decision Making Process

- Photos of our winner's mouth "before"

 Our Winner's Treatment

Step 1: 
              Complete Exam & Full Set of X-Rays 
                   - At this visit, many things occur. The patient is screened for periodontal disease, and for oral cancer. We also carry out pH and bacterial saliva tests to determine a baseline for the patient and also to see if we need to begin a regimine to bring those levels back to a "normal" range. Many oral health problems stem from improper pH or a high level of bacteria. At that point, treating the "symptoms" (cavities, abrasions, etc) does nothing to rid the patient of the actual cause.

 Step 2: 
               Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing
                - This patient was determined to have periodontal disease. In his case, the pockets caused by the bacteria were large enough to warrant (4) quadrants of scaling. You can see more information about Periodontal Disease and the procedure completed here : Periodontal Disease

Step 3: 
               Fillings on Teeth # 28 & 29
                - The patient had what we call "class 5" decay on these two teeth. Dr. Hirschfeld removed the existing decay and, using a composite filling material, repaired the lesions on the teeth.

Step 4:
                    - Because we would like to create a new partial denture to replace the patient's missing upper teeth, Dr. Hirschfeld needed to perform a gingivectomy. The patient had a large amount of gum tissue behind the last existing molars, which would cause an improper fit for the partial. Using our Diode Laser, Dr. Hirschfeld carefully removed the excess gum tissue, contoring the gum line to allow for a comfortable fit. You can see photos of this procedure before and after here.

Step 5:
                Composite Fillings #21 & 22
                    - These teeth had decay in a very common area, the gum line. Improper brushing technique and dexterity issues allow plaque to sit just at or below the gum line. Soda and coffee, as well as acidic and sugary foods also often find a home resting at the gum line. Using composite (white) filling material, Dr. Hirschfeld is able to repair these areas to look as though it is part of the natural tooth structure.


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