Soft Tissue Management

Soft Tissue Management is an organized system of early diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease in the office non-surgically. Periodontal Disease is caused chiefly by plaque, the invisible accumulation of sticky food and bacteria on the teeth. Unless it is constantly removed by flossing and brushing, plaque mineralizes into tartar, the hardened film on which periodontal bacteria thrive, especially on the root surfaces under the gums. Periodontal bacteria produce toxins that destroy the bone surrounding the tooth.

Chronic bad breath, bleeding, red and puffy gums are early signs of the disease and recent studies have shown that gum disease may be linked to heart disease and premature labor in pregnant women. Treatment is simple when detected early and regular cleanings can help eliminate causes by removing build-up and tarter beneath the gum line. Soft tissue management can help prevent bone and tooth loss and help you to keep your teeth for a lifetime

Our system incorporates ultrasonic scaling to remove the plaque and calculus (tartar-hard deposits). This system helps decrease the bacteria in the mouth that causes the infection, bad breath and bleeding gums. Home care instruction with the Hygienist, personalized for the patient, and prescription mouth rinses will aid you in keeping your mouth free from plaque and bacteria that causes the disease.

Our Goal

The goal of our Soft Tissue management treatment program is to resolve the signs of inflammation, reduce pocket depths and detectable plaque to a level associated with periodontal health. Ideally we can halt the progression of the periodontal disease.

We always start with a conservative, non-surgical periodontal therapy program, but you should be aware that referral to a periodontist may be necessary to evaluate the need for periodontal surgery. By undergoing the STM program our hope is you will avoid or limit the need for periodontal surgery


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