Our Decision

Our contest winner was chosen for a variety of reasons. After careful consideration of his case, Dr. Hirschfeld realized that this was a person we could truely help. His teeth are like too many people's now a days.  He has untreated periodontal disease and cavities. He also has a partial that is now old and broken, allowing little to no function for his front teeth.  Teeth are missing in various places of his mouth. They were extracted in the past due to necessity - or like many, extracted because the cost of a rootcanal and crown was out of reach.

This is a person we looked at and said - there is hope here. His remaining teeth can be treated and saved, and we can restore function to the missing spaces. We see people just like him all the time; work, a home, a family - there was always something needing attention, and oral health fell down to the bottom of the priority list.

We hope you will follow along on Gary's journey toward a healthy mouth!


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