Special Needs


Some special children have special dental needs. Some special children are very susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease or oral trauma. Others require medication or diet detrimental to dental health. Still other children have physical difficulty with effective dental habits at home. The good news is, dental disease is preventable. If dental care is started early and followed conscientiously, every child can enjoy a healthy smile.

We know that going to the dentist can be frustrating for some patients when they cannot communicate their needs well. Our hygienists are experienced in taking care of special needs patients, and do their very best to make the visit a fun and comfortable one. Every child is met with a smile as well as patience and understanding.

Letting us know your child's needs in advance of their appointment is helpful in making their visit go smoothly. Patients are encouraged to bring iPods, Game Boy, or other items for distraction. Our hygiene rooms have interesting puppets and stuffed animals as well, bringing comfort to a nervous patient. Sunglasses to shade from the bright lights in the exam room are always a big help.

Please let us know what we can do to help your child have a comfortable and successful visit!


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