Go Green

What is green dentistry?

Green dentistry is a whole-earth approach to tooth care that reduces the environmental impact of dentistry and creates a caring environment for clients.

How are we green?

  • Our patients are exposed to 90% less radiation with the use of digital imaging technology instead of x-rays for tooth imaging. This also eliminates the need for toxic x-ray development chemicals.
  • Use of steam-based, surgical grade instrument sterilization, contains no harmful chemicals and reduces water use.
  • Installation of a special water filtration system allows for the environmentally sound disposal of old mercury fillings, to prevent pollution of our local waterways.
  • Making strides towards a paperless office
  • Reusable towels to prevent waste
  • On-site, energy efficient laundry facility to reduce waste
  • Bio-hazard disposal policies to ensure toxic chemicals (such as mercury) don't pollute our environment
  • Use of energy efficient appliances, light bulbs, and batteries

You can help!

Here are some helpful ways you can help the environment as well:

  • Turn It Off! Don't leave the water running while you are brushing. Turn it on only to rinse your mouth and your brush.
  • Soft as a baby's... Don't brush so hard, slow down and be gentle on your gums. Not only will it save your gums, it will also make your toothbrush last alot longer, saving you money and reducing waste.
  • Floss! You hear it all the time: "Flossing is the most important thing you can do for your teeth." But did you know that flossing can also help the environment? By flossing regularly, you'll help prevent major dental work, saving you money and reducing the amount of chemicals most traditional dentists use when filling cavities.

Here are some companies dedicated to helping our environment, and helping your oral health in the process!


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