MWV Theater Tickets

As a "thank you" to the MWV community for the last 20 years we have been in the valley, we gave away 2 season tickets to the MWV Theater Company.

March Madness Raffle

After 20 years in the community, we want to give back! Over 20 prizes from exams to crowns were given away to current patients.

Conway Village Food Drive

Imagine going to bed hungry at night. Now imagine you have to get up for school in the morning. This is a reality for too many children in our area. Join us in providing nutritious food and basic school supplies to children in the Conway Village area who are in need.

Give Kids a Smile Day  2010  2009

The Give Kids A Smile® name was first used by the Greater St. Louis Dental Society and a group of dentists who set up a temporary full-service clinic that treated nearly 400 children over two days in February 2002.

Since then the program has grown enormously, and in 2008 resulted in treatment of over 480,000 children. Events took place at approximately 1,888 locations across the nation, with over 47,000 dental team volunteers, providing free services to underserved children.

Annual Bone Marrow Drive  2010 2009

Bone marrow transplant is a life-saving treatment for people with leukemia, lymphoma and many other diseases. First, patients undergo chemotherapy and sometimes radiation to destroy their diseased marrow. Then a donor's healthy blood-forming cells are given directly into the patient's bloodstream, where they can begin to function and multiply.

Annual Bike Safety Day  2010 2009

The event is open to all kids, ages 6-12, who live or vacation in the Valley region. After registration, participants’ helmets will be inspected for safety. A new free helmet will be issued to those in need. All bikes will be inspected for mechanical condition and safety features. Loaner bikes will be available for use by riders whose bikes fail the mechanical inspection.

Rules of the road instruction will be given by police officers, followed by ride-through safety course, featuring six stations inside Story Land.. After completing the course, all riders will receive a gift bag and free refreshments.  This event is intended to promote safe cycling in our communities by ensuring the quality of equipment and the demonstration of safe bike handling skills by young riders.

Thanks to all volunteers and Sponsors who, together helped make Kids Bike Day a success. We had 111 kids ages three to eleven and their parents successfully navigate the extensive course set-up by Sally McMurdo. 

MudBowl 2009

It's been called the cleanest sport played in knee deep mud.

Three days of exciting Mud Football action, the annual tournament of Mud Parade down North Conway's Main Street, halftime events, cheerleader competitions, raffle prizes and much more.

This family oriented event benefits local charities and has raised more than $375,000 over the years.

Kids in Konar

Offices in the Mount Washington Valley doanted dental supplies and other non-perishables to children in the Konar province in Eastern Afghanistan.


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